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We believe that the services we provide go way beyond just the physical manufacture and installation of retail, leisure and commercial spaces. We strive to understand the clienta��s vision and to work intelligently and collaboratively to deliver that vision.

Relationships and Communication

Effective communication remains one of our guiding principles,resume writers https://essay-checker.net/> allowing us to provide clients with exceptional customer-focussed solutions.

Strut ensures that every step of your retail, leisure or commercial fit-out is as seamless as possible. With us, you dona��t have to worry about coordinating with multiple stakeholders. Our team of well-trained specialists will do that for you. In fact, we undertake just about every element of project co-ordination, on your behalf.

We work collaboratively with clients and their designers and are committed to finding the best solutions to shopfitting challenges. Strut brings practical solutions that always reflect the vision supplied by our clients and their design teams.

Good communication has allowed us to develop great working relations with:

  • Landlords
  • Architects and designers
  • Local councils
  • Contractors
  • Building inspectors
  • Fire chiefs

Therea��s nothing worse than not knowing the status of a project. We therefore ensure that our clients remain well informed by regularly sharing status updates with them. Our transparent working practices guarantee that there are no surprises, which allows us to achieve our ultimate goal a�� fitting the finest interiors for you and your brand.

Browse our site to learn more about how our approach to clear communication enhances our turnkey offering. If you dream about transforming an old or new site into something exceptional, we can help you achieve that goal.

Planning and Processes

The importance of planning and project management cannot be overstated when it comes to delivering successful shopfitting solutions. We aim to make the entire process, from the briefing phase to the handover of the finished project, as simple and painless as possible.

Fit-out projects are multifaceted and involve a number of variables, not to mention the fact that each project is unique. So as with most things, careful planning is critical to success. Our extensive experience in the industry means that wea��re skilled at understanding our clientsa�� needs, and wea��re equipped to translate these into a clear plan of action.

We have long-standing relationships with the various industry stakeholders, from our clients to interior architects, designers, landlords, local councils and other relevant authorities. This gives us invaluable insight into the processes necessary to meet project requirements.

While many of our competitors say they offer a full turnkey solution, they often outsource major aspects of the project to other companies. At Strut, we pride ourselves on being able to keep everything from interior construction to project management in-house. Not only does this help to keep costs down, but gives our clients excellent visibility on the status of their projects. Great planning also means that we can anticipate, identify and solve problems even before they appear.

On time, every time

Therea��s no denying that effective planning is key to completing a job successfully, on time and within the set budget. At Strut, we pride ourselves on being masters of process. You can rest assured that with us your retail or commercial fit-out is in the safest of hands. We have experienced staff standing by to make your project a reality.

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Quality in Execution

At Strut we believe that, when it comes to the quality of our work, the proof is in the pudding. We know that the service we perform constitutes the final piece in the puzzle and that great designs live or die by the quality of execution. We therefore work closely with clients and designers to ensure that the materials we use and the finishes we achieve are on brand and meet the design specifications. Our goal is to collaborate with designers to develop shopfitting designs that deliver the customer experiences our clients want to create.

For more information give us a call on +27 010 020 0577 or drop us a line to info@strutsa.co.za